So, I eventually made an art blog I’m keeping up with.

It isn’t this one. It’s I don’t really know why I update that one and not this one. My brain is an enigma. So, I’m turning this site into my personal blog. Huzzah!

I think there’s maybe one person following this. Possibly two. Hi, two people! The posts to come are probably not what you signed up for, because what I’m planning is less art blog and more Jenny Lawson ripoff. Depression is a dick but it does funny stuff sometimes, and I’m a bloody good writer so maybe my rambling will be entertaining or reassuring or both.

Anyway. If you’re in love with my art based on the two silly, kinda crappy fan comics I did for DotL, head on over to the art blog I actually update. And once again, I’ll try to breathe life into this half-abandoned URL. I changed the theme to something less dark, and the fonts to something I personally find the most readable (even without my glasses on), so hopefully everyone else can read it too.

That’s all for now. Real posts to come.


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