Daughter of the Lilies fan comic: Pancakes

Thistle Likes Pancakes

I started thinking about which character would be the best cook… Thistle canonically is good at baking and stuff, but it looks like she’s also getting chased out of towns a lot and doesn’t really have money so she’s probably kind of out of practice. Lyra probably doesn’t have the patience for it. I’m sure Orrig cooks great food if you’re an orc. But Brent? He looks like a man who enjoys a solid dinner. At the very least, in the “cooks the thing Lyra shot” kind of way.

And then I thought that this works out pretty well for Thistle, because she probably doesn’t eat well normally, and after her “barge in, save lives, plant tree, collapse” sequence, this would be a welcome discovery for her. (After they deal with that frog. We still haven’t dealt with the giant frog. How are they going to deal with the giant demon frog when Thistle’s out cold?)

Done in my “I wanna produce a comic page thing in an hour” style, which I use when I don’t want to spend forever on, or feel too insecure about, drawing other people’s characters (or my artwork in general).


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