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“This song is so appropriate for her,” I said.

“Just a verse or two,” I said.

There’s a reason this isn’t colored and stuff.

Thistle (precious cinnamon roll from webcomic Daughter of the Lilies) is singing Joanna Newsom’s song ’81, which you can listen to by clicking these words.

Everyone needs to vent sometimes.

Oh! A few of the flowers and plants in this are made up, but most of them are real plants. If you look closely you can see lavender, morning glories, Shasta daisies, Chicken of the Woods and cantarelle mushrooms, poorly drawn English Ivy, Bachelor’s Buttons, wild violets, ferns, bromeliads (those are definitely not native to the climate but whatever), dandelions, plantain (the low-growing forest plant, not the banana thing), a water lotus, a few lilypads, a couple sunflowers, two sugar maple trees, and a bloody ton of mostly copy-pasted clover and clover flowers.

(Ooh, I should have put oxalis in. Oxalis is a cool looking plant.)

It is absolutely a total coincidence that most of these plants grow, wild and/or cultivated, in the midwestern United States. …Uh. (I’m too lazy to look up all those references okay?)

I hope this made you happy, Meg!

Edit: Since I place this after that scene where she gets pelted with rocks but gets away, which is at dusk, it’s totally appropriate for those animals (fawn, frog, bird) to be out. So it’s not totally Disney-Princess-ey for her to interact with them. That wasn’t intentional, it was just my nature-loving hindbrain pulling up details that make sense with the context I knew I was working with.

On the other hand, someone’s going to be on an evening walk around the forest and be all like, “Why are all these flowers here and how are they still open at this hour?” (In the words of Terry Pratchett: A wizard did it.)

I think too much about this.

Thistle Likes Pancakes

I started thinking about which character would be the best cook… Thistle canonically is good at baking and stuff, but it looks like she’s also getting chased out of towns a lot and doesn’t really have money so she’s probably kind of out of practice. Lyra probably doesn’t have the patience for it. I’m sure Orrig cooks great food if you’re an orc. But Brent? He looks like a man who enjoys a solid dinner. At the very least, in the “cooks the thing Lyra shot” kind of way.

And then I thought that this works out pretty well for Thistle, because she probably doesn’t eat well normally, and after her “barge in, save lives, plant tree, collapse” sequence, this would be a welcome discovery for her. (After they deal with that frog. We still haven’t dealt with the giant frog. How are they going to deal with the giant demon frog when Thistle’s out cold?)

Done in my “I wanna produce a comic page thing in an hour” style, which I use when I don’t want to spend forever on, or feel too insecure about, drawing other people’s characters (or my artwork in general).

This blog is technically like five years old. I grabbed the WordPress URL when I was 13 and made the blog for a friend of mine, who proceeded to never use it. It’s still attached to my account though, so I’m swiping it back to make it into my art blog. I like WordPress better than DeviantArt, out of familiarity. And it’s easier to post serial works, like multi-page comics, when they don’t have to be separate entries.

Don’t expect regular updates. I’m really patchy when it comes to drawing and stuff because my main focus right now is programming. My other blog, Let’s Go Larval, is about my adventures in coding, and gets updated more regularly.

I have a folder with a bunch of art stuff in it right now, so hopefully I’ll remember to post everything.

Until then, I actually have a mega-fan-comic I want to post so I can send it to the writer whose work it’s for, and also a smaller comic I made on impulse before the other one, so those are the next two posts.